Monday, May 12, 2008

Time, he Go!

Daddy, where’s my socks?

I don’t know little one, where did you take them off?
Are they inside?

NO! (with a smile)

Are they outside?

NO! (with a laugh)
I don’t have them! … …Daddy Up!

His arms reach toward me an expectant look on his little face and I smile, bend over and lift him into my arms. He smiles and looks into my eyes…

Daddy, I don’t have my socks. I want them! …please.

Well, little one, lets see what we can see…OK?

OK! (giggling)

Uh-Oh…I see your socks!

Oooh…where are they?

Over there! (I point)
(smiling and tickling)
I wonder how they ever found there way into the dog’s water bowl?

How Daddy….How? (laughing)

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