Friday, September 12, 2008

First Cry and then a hug

My three year old is great. I love him with every fiber of my being and every day, I can hardly wait to get home and see him.

Being obsessed with firefighters, he greets me when I come home by saying, " are here! Hi Fire Daddy." He runs over and hugs me, I bend over and kiss his little head. My son.

Tonight, he had a temper tantrum at bed time, I heard him screaming as if someone had cut off an appendage and discovered my poor wife looking annoyed because he was carrying on about having to get into his pajamas. I took over and talked to him encouraging him to cooperate and to get into bed. He continued to scream and I finally walked out closing the door behind me.

He screamed for ten minutes, every moment transmitted to me via the room monitor we have in his room. Finally, he stopped having a fit and after a few seconds began to cry, obviously feeling sad. At this time, I went upstairs and held him until he calmed down, gave me a hug, gave his Mommy a hug and seemed ready to go to bed knowing he is loved and cared for.

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